Tell Governor Kasich and Your Representatives in Columbus to
Restore Our Local Government Funding

"Governor Kasich has taken hundreds of millions of dollars away from our local governments - the very money that we use to keep cops on the street, staff our fire departments, and fix the potholes."

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We are citizens, activists, and elected officials. We are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Most of all, we are Ohioians. And we have come together because of our shared concern about the raid on our Local Government Funding.

Governor Kasich has taken tens of millions of dollars away from our local governments - the very money that we use to keep cops on the street, fix the potholes, and make sure the garbage gets picked up.

At a time when local governments around the state are being forced to lay-off safety personnel, slash basic services, raise taxes, and sell off city assets just to stay afloat, it's out-of-touch and just plain wrong for Governor Kasich not to reserve his raise on our local government funding. The Governor is now bragging about a surplus that has come at the expense of cities, townships, and villages across Ohio.

The citizens of the Buckeye State don't pay our taxes to pad the John Kasich's soundbites. Nor should this be a partisan issue. It's simply bad governance to make the state look good while in the process hurting Ohio's cities.

Thank you for adding your name to the petition below so that we can send a strong message to the Governor and the General Assembly to restore our Local Government Funding.

Raise your voice. Hold your government accountable. Protect our Ohio.

The Numbers:

Just a few years ago, the State of Ohio returned 3.68% of its General Revenue to local governments. Today, that rate has been slashed to 1.69% - a difference of $979,491,110!

Make a Difference

Once we have finished our petition drive, we will deliver the names to Governor Kasich and Members of the State House and Senate, showing them that Ohioans are serious about keeping our communities moving forward.

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